Jets: History, Pete Carroll, Mark Sanchez, And Pizza

From my new article at New York Sports World:

“What I learned about sports as a kid always fuels my present day expectations. I grew up in the 80′s, so I always believe the Giants will be competitive, that the Yankees will be melodramatic and overpaid, the Knicks will always be on the verge of greatness, the Nets won’t, and the Mets will be a model baseball organization. Look at that. They all still hold true (with the glaring exception of the last one). So, that’s why I’m always surprised when New Yorkers think the Jets will be good.”

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Newtown Massacre (And Dickey): A Week Later

From my article at New York Sports World:

“Last weekend I needed baseball. Other sports wouldn’t do. I have a casual relationship with football, and, though I am likely to watch any NBA game that looks competitive, baseball is the only game I truly love. I know the players, who I’d like to have, who I think is overrated, and how I think the team I root for should allocate its resources. So last weekend when I craved a distraction, Mets GM Sandy Alderson, knuckleballer R.A. Dickey, and Toronto GM Alex Anthopoulos provided me one as the big trade between the Mets and the Blue Jays began to form.

Updates from our local New York columnists on the state of the negotiations filled my Twitter feed, and, as we drove by Citi Field, I explained to my wife what was going on. I had to keep her engaged because she might want to listen to the radio if I didn’t. And on the radio all the programming revolved around the massacre in Newtown, Connecticut.”

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CUNY Writer’s Institute Event Postscript

I’ve fallen behind on my reading, so tonight I’m catching up while Fellowship of the Ring plays in the background.  This is from Navdeep Singh Dhillon’s post about our event at KGB Bar and Lit Journal:

“It was a really lovely way to end the semester, although the last classes with Jonathan Galassi and Matt Weiland were pretty epic. The MC for the night – Don – has become quite a good friend. We tweet at each other and I take any opportunity to start a twitter war with him.”

Right on, mate.  Thanks.  It’s been a pleasure to get to know Navdeep (even though he is a little too critical about my ugly corner of the Internet here).

Read the rest of his post at The Gentleman Writer.  And watch the video.  He gives a fantastic read.

The Cold Off-Season For New York Baseball

From my latest at New York Sports World:

“These are strange days.

I lived in Los Angeles from 1997-2009. Fox owned the Dodgers and Disney owned the Angels when I got there. Mike Piazza was traded and a storm of bad GM’s and awful owners seemed to doom the original west coast franchise. And the Angels…

The Angels won it all in ’02 to everyone’s genuine surprise. They had almost no name recognition outside their manager, and Mike Scioscia was hardly a big name north of Los Angeles at the time. The biggest knock on them after their championship was that they never made a move. They never traded a prospect or made a play for a big free agent. At the end of every off season, my Angel loving friends would whimper things like, “Maybe Howie Kendrick will win the batting title this season.”

Since I’ve left the ghost of George Steinbrenner circa 1977 has possessed Angels’ owner Arte Moreno. Wilson and Pujols in 2011, and Josh Hamilton in 2012, have transformed Anaheim into what the Bronx once was, a Mecca for aging free agents who want contracts that will undoubtedly exceed their production.”

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