Chapter 5: The End Commences

He stood at the edge of the 4th floor food court, staring at the “M” shaped, impenetrable fortress that housed his enemy. Smoke billowed from the shoppe beside it, a sacrifice to his neophyte attempt at execution. Sadness filled his heart like a cloudburst. It had been a lovely shoppe, a personal source of multiple enjoyments.
No sinister vapor wafted from the pistol in his right hand. The barrel rested coolly against his long fingertips. The hand was devoid of the quaking legend attributed to gunslingers at the launch of their careers. It could have been programmed, this calm, but it emerged from within. Had physical aging never ceased, he would be an old man instead of just a man of experiences, both cruel and kind. Steadiness remained his reaction through both.
He could outlast his foe no matter how long the Paladin hid. At least the coward protected the girl as preamble to his scurrying. Ironically, the false hero was safer with her. The science of Smart-but-not-so-Smart fire proved imprecise. The trigger would never have been pulled while she was in danger.
She would see him as the villain in this matter. Many would in the retelling. So many figures turn tragic in that way, but that didn’t ease the hurt. He raised the pistol and fired another aimless volley that exploded against the shields of the “M”.
That eased the hurt just a little bit, causing Randall Dohan, the High Overlord of Terracon, largest of the 7 Worlds, to smile.