Let Me Tell You A Story

This is from my latest article for New York Sports World.  It’s one of my favorites, and I can see a consistent improvement in my work for the site.  Enjoy.

“I’m not feeling any juice from the New York sports scene right now. Maybe that’s my bad, but our football teams didn’t make the playoffs, our mediocre basketball team is a little less than that, our good basketball team has hit a bad stretch, and Spring Training is a little more than a month away.  And, to be completely honest, I just don’t feel like complaining about our current cast of assorted disappointments today.

Instead, I want to tell you a story.

On the corner of 46th and Broadway there once stood a sports themed restaurant. A giant, protruding “A” stood above its entrance, and people flocked there, hoping for a glimpse of one of its celebrity owners.  It was a marvelously ugly place with booths shaped like baseball mitts and a red, yellow, green, and blue color scape that can be politely described as garish.

If memory serves, the carpet was a kaleidoscopic display of footballs, hockey sticks, tennis rackets, and baseball bats surrounding a white “A” on a black background.  Each square of carpet alternated with the color scape, so you could make a game of stepping on only the green squares, the red squares, or the blue squares. On slow nights, you could just step on the yellow squares and pretend that Michael Jackson’s “Billy Jean” was playing. You know…because yellow squares are like lights? And when Michael steps the squares light up?


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